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Quantum Agriculture: Biodynamics and Beyond
What Joel Salatin says about Hugh Lovel’s new book:: Hugh Lovel brings biodynamics to a place of practical application, which challenges the very details

Agricultural Astronomic Calendar For 2017 - Eureka eBook
Manufacturer: Considera

This calendar shows the rhythms and impulses to which plants respond only if tended by the Trinium method, as the Widdar preparations resonate details

Heavenly Gardens - Nastati - eBook
Spiritual-Scientific principles for landscape design from Enzo Nastati. This work only begins to touch on the main points of the art of designing details

Paonia Co USA, Enzo Nastati Seminar 2013 - eBook
The notes of the seminar Enzo gave in Colorado USA in 2013.

Kentucky USA, Enzo Nastati Seminar 2013 - eBook
We have to study the name. Because it is in the Holy Father. There’s an episode I tell in a part of the Bible that reminds me of this situation. details

Elemental Beings - Nastati - eBook
The purpose of this work is to consider the spiritual beings and entities that work behind the phenomena and processes of Nature, and to raise as far details

Meteorology: Our Impact upon the Weather - Nastati - eBook
METEOROLOGY A study of the relationship between man and the macrocosm: our impact on the weather 1) Foreword Today we are facing a serious dilemma: details

Spiritualisation Of The Earth Through Agricult - Nastati - eBook
The subject we are going to present addresses the deepest spiritual-scientific foundations of conscious human activity in Nature. The process, thanks details

Growing In Drylands With The Homeodynamic Method - eBook
To speak of the lack of humus, of droughts and of dryland agriculture, means anticipating the theme and the main problem in the future of agriculture details

Cultivating Vines With The Homeodynamic Method - eBook
Are there insights from homeodynamic agriculture to assist growers of the grape vine to achieve healthy crops with little or no poisons? Yes .....

This glossary is for those who are pursuing the study of spiritual science or anthroposophy, or who are newly acquainted with the studies of EUREKA details

Allium sativum
Manufacturer: Homoeopathic pharmacopoeia

Use at 500ml/500l per hectare or 10ml/10l on small areas

Process Water of Potable Quality. Sense or Nonsense - eBook
Collecting and using rain water for flushing toilets seems a good idea. Making everyone sick with dodgy water seems a bad idea. How can you do one details

The Harmonious Wheatsmith - eBook
The Fukuoka-Bonfils method with the most wonderful illustrations know to man ever (allegedly)!!

Homeopathy for Plants - Yeah Right - Moodie - eBook
The tension in the debate aroused by homeopathy is stretched between two relatively static poles. Around one gather those who have had clear and details

Homeopathy for Farm and Garden - Kaviraj - eBook
It is evident that I have, so far, only scratched the surface. Nonetheless, I see a great future ahead for both homoeopathy and agriculture ... this details

Understanding Pests - Nastati - eBook
In organic farming it is usually considered that pests (fungi, viruses, insects, bacteria, weeds, etc.) are overcome when one has balance between the details

Animals in Homeodynamics - Nastati - eBook
We can start this vast subject by considering the meaning of the word understanding or comprehension. Comprehension is a word made up of com and details

Regeneration of Seeds and New Plants - Nastati - eBook
Before one can explore the regeneration of seeds we must agree a defintion of regeneration Before we can explore the regeneration of seeds we must details

Pollution Remediation - Nastati - eBook
The institute EUREKA started to work in 1997 to actively contribute to the research and development of eco-compatible disciplines. The goal was to details

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